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Fox + Hound
Giant Squid + Sperm Whale
Coyote + Roadrunner
Old Man Manatee
Moose + Squirrel
Hare + Tortoise
Mongoose + Cobra
Hand Painted Clutches
Hand Painted Clutch - Pig
Hand Painted Clutches - Beetle
Hand Painted Clutches - Toucan
Hand Painted Clutches - Flamingo
Hand Painted Clutches - Hedgehog
Hand Painted Clutches - Octopus
Hand Painted Clutches - Lemur
Hand Painted Clutches - Bat
Flaming I Illustration
Whale Illustration
Flamingo II Illustration
Fox Illustration
Giraffe Illustration
Hare Illustration
Peacock Illustration
Narwhal Illustration
Barn Owl Illustration
Extinction Plate Set
Extinction Plates
Opposites Attract
An Unlikely Pair: Moose & Squirrel
Long Eared Owl Plate
Barn Owl Plate
Sherlock the Blood Hound
Amelia the Albatross
Canadian Goose
Moose & Plaid
Birds of Paradise
Whale Set
Feathers and Owls
Party Penguin Plate
Fox Platter
Alligator Plate
Rooster Plate
Opposites Attract: Otter and Urchin
Opposites Attract: Salmon and Bear
Honeybee Bowl
Woodpecker Bowl
Whale Bowl
Dart Frog Bowl
Pigeon Bowl
Pigeon Bowl
Safari Collection
Arctic Collection
Outback Collection
Owl Collection
Colorful Collection
Safari Coasters
Owl Coasters
Floral Coasters
Wood grain Coasters
Set fo 4 Coasters
Set fo 4 Coasters: Natural
Set fo 4 Coasters: Chevron

Artist Rachel Kozlowski has been the proud owner of RK Artwork since November 2011. She brings her love of painting, illustration, photography, and sewing to each and every product. RK Artwork focuses on designing and crafting items that are unique and one-of-a-kind which will bring a sense of whimsy into your home. 




The following images include current items for sale along with past designs. Feel free to contact RK Artwork via Etsy or the contact form on this site  if something you like is no longer available. Custom orders are welcome!


Start shopping here!




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